Letters of Recommendation

I would like to recommend Angela Riggs for a teaching position. She has proven herself to be one of my most outstanding interns at UCF this fall.

Angela is a real team player and always has the best interests of her students, and the school at large, at heart. At Lake Sybelia Elementary, where she recently completed her senior internship, Angela volunteered to spend un-required hours gaining knowledge in both instructional and classroom management. She consistently asked for constructive feedback so that she could improve, and she implemented suggestions successfully.

Angela is a confident instructor and manages the classroom as if she’s been teaching for years. She has a passion to better a child’s education unlike most interns I supervise. She teaches from bell to bell, not wanting to waste a moment of instructional time. When a child became disrespectful, Angela quickly and positively set the child right back on course, usually without interrupting the flow of her lesson.
She also has a gift for curriculum development. On many visits to the classroom, Angela demonstrated her creative side during her lessons. Her ideas are fresh and exciting, and when implemented engaged the class completely. She exceeded her classroom teacher’s expectations for what interns should be able to accomplish during an internship, and then some. She is professional at all times.

Any school would be well represented with a candidate such as Angela.

Weeze Cullen
Clinical Coordinator
University of Central Florida / College of Education

During the months of October and through the end of November 2012, I had the pleasure of mentoring Angela Riggs. She was a Junior Intern at the time. I found that she is extremely reliable and responsible. She also has a great drive and passion toward her work with children. Angela has a wonderful rapport with people, especially with children. Her ability to connect with her students and talent for teaching are truly superior. Angela can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done.

Alba M. Vazquez
Second Grade Teacher / Lake Sybelia Elementary
Supervising Teacher / Junior Internship, Second Placement

I highly recommend Angela Riggs as a candidate for a teaching position. Angela completed her senior internship in my fourth grade classroom. While a student at UCF, Angela also served the role as teacher during her internship. Angela quickly took over one subject at a time until she was fully immersed in the entire role of teacher. She planned and implemented quality lessons and used a variety of assessment tools to ensure that the students were making adequate progress. Angela participated in many parent conferences, workshops, and was a valuable member of our Professional Learning Community.

Angela has a wonderful rapport with students, parents, and faculty, and maintained integrity and professionalism at all times. She is the most reliable, prompt, and mature intern that I have ever had the pleasure of mentoring. Angela never missed one day throughout the four month internship in my classroom! Her attitude is always positive and she is very eager to learn from others and to share her ideas. She has an especially strong sense of evaluating and differentiating her instruction to meet each individual’s needs. Angela works well independently and is consistent in following through with each task to be sure the job is completed in a timely manner.

I believe that Angela Riggs will be an asset to any faculty, and I recommend her without any reservations. If you have any further questions in regard to her background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ann S. Sheldon
Fourth Grade Teacher / Lake Sybelia Elementary
Supervising Teacher / Senior Internship


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